The prayer of a desperate man

The prayer of a desperate man or woman is good. By this I mean, whatever our circumstances, the simplest prayers offered, can often be the most honest and heartfelt. If you like me sometimes wonder if it’s ok to pray for ourselves, or even what to pray in a particular situation (ie. For a breakthrough in your work or health situation or for someone else)… Go for it, you’ll have at least one listener. He is the One who brought everything into being, who cares, and has the power and ability to make a difference.


7 Responses to “The prayer of a desperate man”

  1. Gandalf Says:

    I seriously have to express myself regarding your blog.
    This may sound offensive but it’s not meant to be.

    I am thinking that God has a lot more important things to do then get you a job and maybe if you stop wasting so much time writing this self obsessed nonsense you might actually have time to find one.

    The World is in a total mess people are dying from disease and hunger and yet your “God” does nothing despite the prayers of millions over the years.

    So why is the big question. Why should God allow all these people to die and suffer. Why does he do nothing.
    Don’t tell me, you like all the other Christians don’t have the answers you just believe like a little child, or maybe it’s a man made problem so why should God intervene free will and everything.

    Let me tell you something your lack of a job is also a man made problem so I’m thinking you should stop wasting your time with desperate prayers and get off your PC and go out there and do something constructive that will actually make a real difference in the world.

    Reality shows us that God, for whatever reason, is not listening or does not care, or maybe he does not exist in the form you chose to believe. It’s about time you wake up, smell the coffee etc, stop praying into space and actually go do something yourself.
    By all means communicate needs to your fellow club members but also make an action plan to do something about it. God is not doing anything!! Just look around you and see for yourself.

  2. workhope Says:

    Thanks for your response. Obviously my post has hit a nerve with you somewhere along the line. No you don’t offend me, you’re welcome to your opinion that’s why this is a blog. I welcome comment, rather than this being a ‘self obsessed nonsense’ as you call it. And your reply has been posted in full.

    If you were to read this blog fully or more often you would realise that I am serious in my job search, and have been from the beginning. Prayer to me is part of my lifestyle and didn’t start the day I faced troubles/ unemployment, so that will continue. My search for full-time for work continues, and I am making considerable efforts to find work, and although it is not ideal, I have a part-time job that brings in some money…

    Sadly, as were in midst of recession finding work has been made that more difficult, but I am not going to give up now. Yes I’m awake, smelling and drinking the coffee too. I have no complaints, nor am I bitter and twisted.

  3. Chris Says:

    I cannot help thinking you have missed a key point in your reply to Gandolf. Your blog was about prayer. It could be argued that you have been praying for some considerable amount of time for a ‘breakthrough’ in your job situation, but it aint happening. The same is true of many other things that people have prayed for but seen no response from ‘God’. Does God exist and if he does can he actually do anything? Gandolf points to jack of action from God and it seems you have experienced this too otherwise you would not be still unemployed. Someone once said you have a 50% chance of getting your prayers answered, when the requested thing happens, you thank God, when it doesnt you explain it away. Prayer works by its psychological effect on the pray-er. The only person listening to your prayers is you!

    • workhope Says:

      Hi Chris. I purposely chose not to fully discuss prayer in my response to Gandalf, as quite clearly it would have served no good purpose. How can I enter a conversation with someone who just wants to ‘tell me something.’

      This reply to you might appear bit long winded but here goes anyway,,,

      It is my understanding that the Christian faith is just that, a ‘Faith’, not a ‘Religion’ where adherants are told to follow rules and regulations, doing good, being pious or exceptionally nice to everyone in the hope of achieving acceptance by God and a heavenly home when they snuff it etc… No, being a Christian is primarily is about entering a ‘relationship’ with God , which I have. It’s also about living a real life, with struggles, upsets and joys etc along the way. Healthy relationships, are usually marked by there being ongoing and two way dialogue and I will seek to do my part in listening as well as speaking to God (in prayer). And, yes I do believe God speaks, sometimes directly, sometimes through other people, sometimes through circumstances, sometimes through other means.

      I don’t blame God, for a lack of job as yet, although 2 years is a heck of a time out the job market of course, and it can be rather hard at times too, believe me.

      As you say, ‘ you have been praying for some considerable amount of time for a ‘breakthrough’ in your job situation, but it aint happening.’

      You may have fathomed, I’m not the sort to be slouched in front of the TV all day, snacking and surrounded by empty beer cans, waiting for the miracle of a job to land out of the ether into my lap because I once prayed a prayer. I’m on the computer looking, out there looking, making effort where I can. And praying of course…

      Of course it is frustrating for me at times, as it aint happening but I believe there is validity in the ‘Not Yet’. It’s quite probable that the ‘right job’ where I will be able to use my skills and experience to full affect simply hasn’t become available ‘yet’, or been brought to my attention. Sounds simple I know, but that’s where I’m at. It’s about my ongoing Faith.

      Meanwhile, I press on…

      Thanks for passing by.

      P.S. I know I have mentioned it before on this Blog, but the book ‘Delighted in God’ (The Story of George Muller) written by Roger Steer has been a real inspiration to me, it’s Mullers own account of God answering prayer on a very regular, almost daily basis. If you ever get to read it, let me know what you think…

  4. Chris Says:

    From google Muller looks to have been 19th century. Is that the last known activity of God? From your writings you clearly have highs and lows. If your faith helps you then good but I cannot see how the ongoing period you have been unemployed can have been wished on you by anyone let alone a supposedly loving God who you reckon listens to your prayers but does not appear to want to help. It just does not make sense.

  5. workhope Says:

    Yes, Muller was around a while ago, but still an inspiration to me nevertheless.

    Even though I don’t yet have a job (which I pray for), one of the key reasons for wanting employment in the first place, is of course to provide for my families needs. As it happens we have been provided for, financially and in other ways throughout this period…

    This is where Muller has inspired me. He prayed, he DID NOT ask anything of any person, but DID ask of God – who provided for his ‘needs’ (rather than his wants). This is something we too as a family continue also do – and have continued to have been blessed by the gifts of anonymous givers as well as those who we do know. I would put such provisions, often very timely too, as real, tangible answers to our prayers. That’s how I see it.

    God teaches us perseverance through circumstances, and hopefully one day I’ll look back on this time in my life and realise the benefits of this time out, what ive learned about myself, and the challenges ive had to overcome.

    Prayers don’t always seem to get answered in the way I hope, or in the timescales I expect. The Alpha course, run by a number of churches, is a very useful way of helping enquirers explore the Christian faith for themselves (in a non preachy way!) and covers the subjects of Faith and Prayer.

    Of course, I realise I cannot persuade/ force anyone to believe me, and arguing doesn’t help anyone, but what I can give testimony to His (Gods) provision, in a number of different ways in my own life… and that’s one of the reasons behind this Blog, to document how life is when out of work… and the hope I have. Hence the name WorkHope

    Should you be interested in finding out more about Alpha, go to
    I also just found an article ‘Why bother to pray?’ at
    which you might find interesting.

    Finally, if you know Christians who you respect ask them about prayer and ask them to explain their experiences and what it means to them. Hope this helps.

  6. Chris Says:

    I did read the article. Two things stand out, first the observation that ‘God answers prayers even when people pray to the wrong god’. This confirms my assertion that prayer is for the pray-er and it does not matter if there is a God or not. There is still a 50% chance of the thing happening. The second is that if God understands what it is like to ‘lose a child’ etc etc why does he inflict it on those he supposedly loves and keep people waiting interminably long before he answers their prayer for a job? That’s just cruel. I have been on Alpha as it happens. I did not find the answers nor did I see
    anyone healed after one of the sessions on the subject. I admire your ability to persevere and good luck to you, but I am glad you are not sitting at home waiting for God to do something about your unemployment because sadly I dont think he has either the time or inclination.

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